I don’t know why but i’m really enjoying all this cloud stuff coming out for developers, along with all the engines that can connect and run stuff out in the cloud easily. We have Amazon Web Services, which is a nice and solid platform to develop for, probably the most mature and stable of what’s out there. Following closely after is the Google App Engine along with all it’s plugins and tools. I haven’t worked with the GAE much especially their Cloud database features (it’s closed beta sign up only so far) but I think that’ll turn out nicely too. And then you have great tools like Restlet that let’s you bring everything together to communicate (and they’re coming out with their own GAE type of service soon too APISpark). And there’s also Microsoft’s Azure, which I haven’t had a single look at, but hear it’s great for plugging straight in to Visual Studio projects quick and easily. Kind of strange to think of your programming and data no longer residing on your own computer, but rather out there, free as a bird, as long as you have the right authentication ;). So what does everyone like as far as database and app engine out of these (or others)?


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