Programming the Arduino from the Raspberry Pi

If you like compact projects then there’s a good chance you’ve picked yourself up an Arduino UNO (an open source electronics prototyping platform

and the nice new and small computer called the Raspberry Pi (A full computer about the size of a deck of cards). The Pi is a great computer to program and work with your Arduino board if you need to keep things small. Buy both and you won’t even be out $100 bucks, in fact I think it’s closer to $50. It’s pretty amazing what they can do these days. The problem is it’s kinda hard getting these to shrimps working together.

There’s a great little tutorial here on how to get the two cooperating with each other:

It takes a little time but you can get one of the smallest computers around programming one of the smallest electronics boards. Great for portability! These two gadgets make for an awesome team to tinker around with and make all sorts of fun stuff with LED’s, robots, sensors, infrared, video, sound, etc. I’ve only had one electronics class in my life and I was still able to get several little fun projects going.


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