PS4 is handily Winning the Next Gen Console War

Game Cheats has a revealing article that lays out solid proof of which box is the leader in the current console war, and it isn’t even close. As a die hard PC Gamer, I do not have any skin in this batle, but at every level, the stats are inarguable.

“PS4 currently has 19.1 million units sold worldwide since its launch on November 15th, 2013 while the Xbox One is lagging behind with 11.3 million units sold since it came out on November 22nd, 2013. Sony has been widening the gap lately as well. The weekly hardware charts on VGChartz show that in the week ending January 31st, 2015, the PlayStation 4 sold about 147,000 units globally while the Xbox One sold a little more than half that with roughly 79,000 units worldwide.”

“Looking through the entire list of reviewed games and expansion DLC packs currently listed on Metacritic for both systems, the PlayStation 4 has 207 total games while the Xbox One has just 145. Sony has 43 PlayStation 4 exclusive titles with another 92 console exclusives (console exclusive means that it may be available on PC or a handheld but is not on a ‘rival’ console – in this case the Xbox One or Xbox 360). In comparison, Microsoft has just 39 exclusive Xbox One titles with another 28 console exclusives.

So you’re effectively looking at 135 exclusive games on PS4 vs. just 67 exclusive games on Xbox One.

Exclusives have also reviewed better for PS4.”

“An analysis of this breakdown shows that PS4 games are on average better received than Xbox One games. The PS4 has a higher percentage of its games scored 80 or above (30% to 24%). The PS4 also has a fewer percentage of its games scored 60 or below (31% to 35%).

In conclusion, the PlayStation 4 has more games, better reviewed games, more exclusives, a comfortable sales lead, and slightly more impressive technical specs. With the recent announcement that Sony is going to focus specifically on building up its PlayStation brand, the choice in this generation’s console war is clear. If you’re on the fence between getting a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, choose the PS4. It has a better library of games and seems to have a brighter future ahead of it in the coming years.”

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