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Full Version: A Game of Thrones Season 6(?) Finale **Spoilers**
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So the final episode happened and we are for the most part at the end of book 5.

As a book reader, I had endured so much torture by GRRM Ramsay, that when I read the Caesar Death Scene of Jon Snow I didn't even care anymore. But the series has again failed to think things through. In the book, they don't kill Jon until he responds to a letter from Ramsay (Snow) Bolton about Stannis's armies being crushed. Ramsay sends this letter because Theon escapes with Fake Arya and there has been a bit of killing going on, particularly by Mance Rayder and some wildlings. See the Boltons are loosing their minds a bit because Stannis mustered his forces on his way down to Winterfell with northmen by the advise of Jon Snow. And while Stannis's army is immobilized due to winter weather, they are close enough to constantly pound the war drums which means poor Ramsay can't sleep and everyone in Winterfell is at each others throats.

Unfortunately we do not know the success or failure of Stannis's army at Winterfell. At best all we got was a letter from Ramsay calling Jon Snow out and threatening to come to Castle Black and do horrible things. So Jon finally gives in to what his heart wants and announces to the Night Watch that he's taking an army of wildlings down to Winterfell etc... It is then that the watch decides that Jon needs to be put down. In the books it's not just Jon's enemies but his friends as well that murder him.

I didn't much care for this episode either. But I'm not going to bother voicing why. Smile
Oh my post is a little incomplete. Anyway the "Thinking Things Through" was that if Alistair was going to do this anyway, why bother letting Jon back in? If bringing the wildlings south of the wall is so offensive to the watch that they are considering killing the Lord Commander for it, why would they let them all through the gates?

Oh and Olly was so contrived and cliche. Why does he need to thrust a dagger, and did he takes his vows? The scene with Ellaria kissing Myrcella was also stupid. The boat would turn around, and only small children would believe her illness is coincidental.

I also think this season was groomed to give Martin one last chance to finish Winds of Winter. I am not entirely convinced that what we've seen will happen in the book either. I guess we'll wait to find out. I'm sure martin will cram 90 chapters of travelling in to WoW to make it as agonizing as possible.

Really good youtube video that goes over the prophecy and what Azor Ahai is means. It may give some insight on whether Jon Snow is really dead or not. I'm kind of thinking he is dead. I don't see why the night watch would not burn his body ASAP. Of course perhaps burning will be part of his resurrection?