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The other board is down currently. So I figured I'd respond to the thread here.

First I want to lay the foundation of some things.

1. When I finished ADWD I said it was a bad book and I have done nothing but criticize GRRM for falling in to the Wheel Of Time trap. I called Ceorl "Ramsey's Creature" because he was disagreeing with my disapproval of books 4 and 5. I have said GRRM sucks because he has no editors to keep him on track and the story moving. I have also said that if GRRM rewrote the first book now that we would have 9 PoV chapters to cover Catelyn's journey of leaving Winterfell and Arriving in King's Landing.

Why do I say this? To dismiss notions that I am somehow advocating absolute book adaptation to the series. To dismiss the notion that I somehow enjoyed reading 2800 pages or whatever for almost zero main story arc advancement.

2. Is HBO GoT > ASOIAF? In some ways yes, in other ways no. It's a very complicated question and valuation that draws indifference out of me. Rather than says Yes or No. I question the necessity of some of the changes. One of those being Semly Barristan dying. Another being the events of Jon, Stanis and Melissandre. That Jon is leaving Castle Black to rescue wildlings when in the book the wildlings came to castle black as an army and refugees fleeing the Others. That Jaime is going to infiltrate Dorne with Bromm and every scene of this will be, for me anyway, a consideration of what is not being adapted from the books and shown in the series.

Now just because I say that does not mean I want an entire Season of Brienne and Podrick in the woods hunting for Arya and Sansa. Which let's be honest, a faithful adaptation would be damn near that. It does not mean I want to experience every agonizing moment of Tyrion travelling being bored out of his mind and being a character out of his element, doing interesting things and being an interesting character.

What it does mean is that I'm trying to thoughtfully and honestly answer the question and weigh the differences and changes between the books and the HBO Series.

Now if you want to engage me. Please engage the arguments I actually provide. Do not say "Books 4 and 5 suck" as if I don't know, or as if I'm somehow defending them as being anything other than crappy books. Do not say "Selmy has to die because Strong Belwas is not there to eat the crickets!" as if the two have anything to do with one another or as if that justifies Selmy's death.

When the old forum is back up, I'll double check to make sure I'm addressing the arguments being pushed forward. Seemed like a Dog Pile because of Poster, not argument, in that thread.

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