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StarMade Links and Starting Tips
Starmade being a rather big game to learn and because Google Search is rather unreliable. I figured I would provide a set of links for people to reference on learning the game. Also if you have questions ask. Xavori I'm sure knows an answer, it may not be the right one, but it will be an answer. Wink (Actually Xavori is very helpful when it comes to questions and learning these survival/craft games) - This is the only wiki you should ever go to. - Understanding Power Reactors. This explains the (current) formula and provides pictures and diagrams for example. This is a must read. - You may or may not know this but there is a lot of logic you can actually put in the game to control how things work. A simple example would be having your doors open and close for you as you approach them on planet, starbase or ship. - Another neat feature of StarMade is weapon customization. You can link weapon computers together to change how the weapons functions. There are 6 basic configurations you can use.

  1. Weapon
  2. Support
  3. Support + Weapon
  4. Weapon + Weapon
  5. Weapon + Effect
  6. Weapon + Weapon + Effect

The system is a bit more complicated in implementation because you have ratios of modules of each system that influence the effect factor. For example Salvage Computer (Master) + 10 Salvage Beams and Cannon Computer (Slave) + 1 Cannon Module would apply 10% cannon effect to the Salvage Beams.  So having 5 cannon modules instead of 1 would increase it to 50% effect. You need a 1 to 1 ratio for full/maximum effect. Though having a 1 to 1 ratio may not always be necessary or desired.

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