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StarMade Links and Starting Tips
Figures that after I write that up about the loot pinata pirates, that they implement the feature they had before the gui update for accessing your ship cargo without leaving flight mode. Anyway Xavori wrote up some nice information on how to configure cascading loot for your storage boxes which is quoted below.

Xavori Wrote:With the newest hotfix, we gained the ability to name up to 16 storage boxes per structure (ship/station/planet). Kinda meh, thinks you? Well, you're wrong. It's love. And now I'll teach you why.

First thing, you should ALWAYS set up ship's cargo in a cascading chain. What that means is that you have a box that pulls from every other box. With the new naming, I recommend calling it 'Collection'. You access the naming by opening the box and clicking the button that lets you name it. No problem.

Next box in the chain pulls from every other box but Collection. It doesn't need a name. You're never going to actually open it yourself. Third box pulls from all boxes but the previous two. And so on until you get to the last box.

The last box pulls from no other boxes. I name this one 'Deposit'. This is the box I dump my inventory into when I park in a pirate loot cloud.

Previously, this required either stopping completely and exiting the ship or going into build mode (or screwing up and exiting the ship while it's still moving which is always fun in a not at all fun kinda way). Thanks to the named cargo system, not anymore.

Now, you just hit 'I' to access your inventory. At the top of the screen, you'll see the menu. Click Ship. this will bring up a drop down menu. Click Cargo. It will now list the named storage boxes on your ship: Collection and Deposit. Obviously you want to click Deposit.

This opens Deposit and you can drag drop or shift-click your inventory over to that box. As you empty space, the remain items in the loot cloud will enter your inventory. While you're doing that, the cascade storage is pulling everything out of Deposit into the other boxes. It's even making nice neat stacks of each item type automatically. Like I said, love.

When you get back home, you can then unload your ship. The only box you need to open is 'Collection'. As you pull stuff out of it, it'll pull stuff out of all the other boxes. You can then haul it to wherever (I'd recommend a nice sorting warehouse on a home station, but that's just me).

Now one thing I will add is that items still have problems combining, even under this method. You also get a lot of junk this way. I would try to setup smart looting to separate the trash from the needed, but they need to add categories or user defined text based wildcards or something. I guess if I just did Advanced Armor / Crystals and a few other mods it might be manageable and not terribly time consuming.

Oh and you also need to configure the values. So when you are setting up your storage boxes, click the set all button specify something like 10000 and that will start the auto pull. Odd that it is activated by default, but you have to specify the type and quantities.

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