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Scott Walker Facebook comment on Supreme Court Ruling for Gay Marriage.
(06-26-2015, 11:57 PM)IotB Wrote: I don't have Facebook, GF forwarded to me. I've attached it to this post.

Unelected judges... yes because the SCJ's should be popularity contests to the people rather than just congress. And law should most definitely be determined by how it would affect the voters.

You know between Huckabee and Walker and other nutjobs who are going to voice these asinine and deluded views, is that we as a society and those in the media who have the power, do not give them the verbal tongue lashing and logical repudiation they deserve.

The hypocrisy on display in stuff like that is really galling. The ease and disregard for any consistent application of "principle". Like this from a guy who would cheer for a national ban on abortion. Nobody cares about Federalism and anybody who says they do is a liar. They care about policy outcomes - which is a reasonable and sensible thing to care about. Federalism is a tactic but I suppose you have to pretend to care about it for it to be effective. But its all b.s.

Over the years, I've been trying to police myself against making this conflation between preference and principle. And the process of doing so has really opened my eyes. Because you'll find, if you are really strict about it, that once you have your views sorted out, there's almost nothing in the principle pile at all. Which suggests that there's no such thing as principle and its all preference and talk of principles is just a ritual people go through. Which is a discouraging thought.

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