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Ships of Starmade! Post Pics Here!
Probably my second real attempt at making a ship. Once again I get a bit impatient after spending some serious time with the detailing of the ship and so the mid section and rear sections need some work.

The ship is around 6k mass. 140m long, 31m high and 33m wide. Top Speed of 270, 5 mil power, 1 mil regen, shields of 150k / 20k regen.

It has 2 Heat Seeking Missile array's on the side. Each array has 60 missile ports, each firing 20 missiles for about 48 points of damage each. It also has 2 3x Long Range Radar Missiles for tougher targets. It also has continous salvage cannons in the front, Radar Jammer and 2 Jump Drives.

The ship looks a bit better in game. But over all I like the work I did on it so far.

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